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Mission of Wellness

Through raising consciousness, strengthening the energetic field, and working within the three-fold model of toning mind, body, and spirit, Joanna is dedicated to holding space for each client to attune their unique system to discover their latent healing abilities, while fostering an atmosphere of greater connection and personal empowerment.

As each client is as unique as their fingerprint, so is their health history. Culture and conditioning affect each individual differently and as such, each person holds their own unique blueprint for healing and health. Joanna creates a personalized experience geared toward your unique body system. Every session is different and caters to creating greater ease within the mind-body-spirit relationship.

Joanna believes in empowering and teaching clients a better approach to maintaining their health and wellness. Work with Joanna if you want to accelerate your process toward awakening your soul's potentiality for living a life of ease. 

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Your Practitioner

As a dedicated practitioner, Joanna is devoted to sharing and developing her knowledge of Polarity Therapy, Reiki, esoteric wisdom, and the utilization of sound and vibration as tools for becoming mindful architects of awareness.

Joanna's passion for empowering clients to understand their bodies assists them in discovering the power and effectiveness of energy work as they bridge the gap between western and holistic medicine. She is honored to participate in the gentle, yet effective, power of the healing arts and is dedicated to providing a safe container in which to heal. 

Incorporating the multiple facets of yoga and her energetic work, Joanna is committed to sharing the understanding of what tapping into our potentiality can do for our vitality and our lives. 

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Choose from a variety of modalities to support your journey towards healing the triune functionality of Mind, Body and Spirit.

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“Treat the cause not the effect”

Dr. Edward Bach

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