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Universal Life Force Energy

Reiki is a form of energy work that involves the practice of sending Universal Life Force Energy to a recipient, whether in proximity or at a distance to promote gentle healing. Reiki's high vibrational energetic quality makes it a perfect tool for creating and encouraging greater vibrational coherence for the balancing of energy. Many report feelings of soothing relaxation, calmness, harmony, and peace after just one session.

Joanna is a Reiki Master trained in the Usui, Tibetan, and Pleiadian traditions. Reiki is divine life force that utilizes the practitioner as a vessel for transference of the energy to the client. The practitioner works with the client's intention to direct the reiki to where it is needed most. It can be sent in the present moment, for future happenings, and also retrospectively for events in the past.

A personal Reiki practice is an evolving modality which opens up new ways of sharing energy dependent upon the practitioner's development. Some practitioners work only with sacred symbols passed down through generations. Others work heavily with their guides and the guides of the client. Others work psychically with freer form, utilizing their intuition and working as a vessel for the Highest Good.

Joanna's method is a balanced cross-section of these, while her main concern is to work exclusively with the client's intention while holding space for the client's higher self to lead the session. Each session is completely unique and attuned to the energy that the client needs for healing on any level.  

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