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Image by youssef naddam

Guided Meditative Visualization

We can explore the hidden realm of our realities with guided meditative visualizations. Keeping our inner vision toned and facile is paramount to building healthy manifestations. In this series you will be engaged in meeting your spiritual guides while uncovering your hidden gifts.

Our guides can help us better “see” by informing us through our unique lens of life we peer through, making every session a deeper, highly personalized experience for every individual present. This series has the potential to assist you in:

  • Utilizing guided meditative visualization to heal and connect the bridge between the unconscious and the superconscious

  • Meet your guides in the astral realm to receive deeper, more personal wisdom that applies exquisitely to your life and composition of

  • Relieve anxiety and emotional stressors while building self esteem

  • Opening up working relationships with your guides to call upon their wisdom when needed

  • Discovering you are the culmination of these energies and how we work with them can effect and inform our decisions in the moment

Embark on a journey of rich discovery and exploration of self.

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