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Image by Mark  Daynes

Voice Dialogue

Voice Dialogue is a revolutionary method based on Carl Jung's Archetype work that guides the client through establishing a more aware state of being by exploring energetic opposites, the polarity, of archetypal human emotional states. As a playful exploration with therapeutic effects, this method is particularly beneficial for creatives.

Drs. Hal and Sidra Stone describe our experience of consciousness as peering through a facet of a cut diamond. The diamond has many facets and yet, each is part of the whole. Each facet is another lens the Cosmic Consciousness can experience life through. People operate fluidly between a set of primary selves. These parts inform our thoughts, emotional states, and weigh in on our choices. Some archetypal expressions are:

Inner Critic/Protector/Pusher/Doer/Pleaser/Nurturing/Reprimading Mother & Father, Obedient/Rebel/Aphrodite/Nun/Patriarch/Mother Earth/Caretaker/Clown/Wimp/Adventure Seeker/Vulnerable Child

When a particular primary energy is present, it is natural that its energetic opposite be disowned and cast into the shadow of our consciousness through judgement and disacknowledgement. When this happens there is a greater possibility that we can unconsciously begin to act out some of the disowned behaviors, causing a split in our desires and reality. Vascillating between the patterned energetic opposites can be tiresome and taxing on the mental, emotional, and physical systems. This method teaches the client how to balance their inner energetic landscape and hold space for their own integration. 

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